At the end of this past January, I found myself “between jobs” for the first time in twenty-six years. With a decent severance arrangement and a sudden, shocking amount of free time on my hands, I heeded the common advice of several friends and resolved not to look for another job until summer. Instead I figured to perfect an imitation of a retiree, do a bit of work around the house, go for some very long walks, read, take pictures, and, of course…Road Trip.

My son, Bill, lives in Portland, Maine, works (on and off) at the State Theater there and plays in a band. I need a traveling companion; Bill needs a change of scenery. So we’re hitting the road together.

The rough draft goes like this: we’re renting a car and making our way from Canton, CT to Las Vegas. There we will rendezvous with Bill’s sister, Emma and Emma’s boyfriend, Nic who are both flying in from California to meet us. Then our quartet will head to Los Angeles and drive the coastal route from there up to San Francisco, ultimately returning Emma and Nic to their home in Sonoma.

Bill and I pick up our rental on Monday, May 6th and are targeting arrival in Vegas on May 19th. We deposit the rental at the San Francisco airport and fly home on Memorial Day (May 27th). While we don’t have a firm route planned we do have a short list of places we’d like to see: Mt. Rushmore, Little Bighorn, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and the California coast. We’ll see how much (if any) of that we get done.

Stay tuned…



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