Thank You

Audrey and I were recently privileged to attend the wedding of our next door neighbors, Criste and Tyler. Audrey officiated which meant I got to crash as her plus-one. Perks for clergy spouses are few but this was a treat: lovely couple, perfect weather, perfect setting in the alpine glory of Northern New Hampshire, lovely families, amazing friends, tearful toasts. It was pretty amazing.

And here’s the best part. We got thank you notes for showing up. I know, right? And these weren’t just any thank you notes. These were thank you notes that make you want to send a thank you note for the thank you note. If you know what I mean.

And that got me thinking. Audrey generally writes the thank you notes for the two of us. She is a very thoughtful and gracious person, has nice left-handed penmanship and owns stationery. So…her job.

I am not known for my grace or my penmanship but I am keenly aware of the very many things for which I should be thankful. And right now, on the eve of our pack-up-and-move to Pennsylvania, I am thankful for our time here. In Connecticut. So here goes.

Thank you, Connecticut:

Thank you for graduating me from your schools (in spite of myself). Thank you for my college roommates, who taught me Family 101 from memory. Thank you for introducing me to the love of my life. Thank you for employing us all. Thank you for your Hockey (and for letting me try on Gordie Howe’s skates once-upon-a-time). Thank you for helping us raise three beautiful children. Thank you for letting us jump off Town Bridge and into the amazing Farmington river. Thank you for patient local police, who rarely arrested us. Thank you for the Atheneum, the Hartford Symphony, the New Britain Museum of American Art, Voce, and Joyful Noise. Thank you for inviting us to hike your Blue Trails, for The Mark Twain House, the Beecher family, Heublein Tower and Sessions Woods. Thank you for amazing neighbors who never once complained about our property devaluation schemes: when we parked our old truck on our front lawn, when our loud parties spilled outside, when we built huge fires, when we owned a duck. Etc. Thank you to The Episcopal Church here which unflinchingly welcomed and nurtured us in faithful community (and to all the church music directors who let me crash their choirs). Thank you for your bald eagles, brown trout, red-tailed hawks, coyotes, bobcats, hummingbirds, foxes, black bears, otters, heron, owls, snapping turtles, chickadees, woodpeckers, river rats, whales, sharks, stripers and bluefish. Thank you for my Subaru. Thank you for our craftsman bungalow. Thank you for our amazing mechanic. And carpenter. And plumber. And dentist. And cat sitter. And nephews and nieces. And brothers and sisters (in law). And tattoo artists.

In no particular order.

Thank you, Connecticut. Thank you very, very much. For everything.

Pennsylvania? Here we come.

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